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Nineteen year old Kenny is upset. His parents are going away for the weekend and he planned on two days of doing whatever he wants. Then his father ran an ad to sell their old furniture this weekend and put Kenny in charge of it so now he has to hang around the house waiting on phone calls and showing furniture.

But it turns out better than he thought when Jasmine, a smoking hot red headed Milf, shows up and is interested in their dining room table. She only wants to pay half of what Kenny's dad wants for it and he tells her no. That's when things heat up because Jasmine really wants that table and she makes Kenny an offer he can't refuse!

Mother-Son Confessions

“Mother-Son Confessions” is a unique series featuring five very special couples.  Five loving mothers living in sin with their lusty sons get together for a weekend, and share their stories and sexy adventures.

Each book will include five hot encounters featuring each sexy mom and her adoring son.

Book one introduces these five hot couples for whom no fruit is truly forbidden!

Mother-Son Confessions - “Forbidden Fruit”
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